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2 cell line(s) of this tissue type are currently recorded in database.
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587 compounds have been tested with this tissue, using data from 2 dataset(s).
GDC-0941GDSC1000, CTRPv23
AZD6244GDSC1000, CTRPv23
AZD-2281GDSC1000, CTRPv23
BIBW2992GDSC1000, CTRPv23
PLX4720GDSC1000, CTRPv23
JQ-1GDSC1000, CTRPv23
BleomycinGDSC1000, CTRPv23
AZD6482GDSC1000, CTRPv23
UNC0638GDSC1000, CTRPv23
CHIR-99021GDSC1000, CTRPv23
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